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Ultimately, hospice care is beneficial for both patients and their loved ones. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), studies have shown that when a person enrolls in hospice, they are more likely to experience increased satisfaction and better symptom and pain management and, in most cases, are no longer exposed to invasive tests and procedures or hospitalizations.

Patients Benefit:

Patient Dignity

  • One of the biggest benefits of hospice care is that it provides an opportunity for patients to pass away peacefully, with a sense of dignity.

Adhering to Last Wishes

  • One of the biggest advantages of hospice care is being able to attend to the patients and loved ones’ final wishes.

No more hospital red tape and extensive medical procedures

  • It is important that patients still get to enjoy simple pleasures such as eating favorite foods, seeing loved one’s without having limits put on these visits, and of course, no longer having to endure intrusive medical procedures.

Loved Ones Benefit:

Support and Counseling for Loved Ones

  • Hospice helps loved ones deal with the range of emotions that surround this difficult time, offering guidance from social workers and spiritual counselors. Sometimes, spiritual counselors can also assist with helping loved ones navigate the complex funeral and burial processes. In addition, hospice will also offer bereavement and grief counseling after the patient has passed.

In summary, a compassionate hospice team is just as concerned about the wellbeing of the patient’s loved ones, as they are about the patient!

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