Powers Of Attorney Clarify Your Health Care And Financial Wishes

An essential building block of a comprehensive estate plan, a durable power of attorney entrusts the management of your finances to someone of your choice when you are not able to do so on your own due to physical or mental incapacity. It can confer as much, or as little, decision-making power as you would like and specifically outline your wishes, which must be followed.

At Lannik Law, LLC, we have a well-deserved reputation in Needham and the surrounding communities for being the go-to law firm for drafting powers of attorney and all matters related to estate planning. Our goal is to build an estate plan that outlines and protects your wishes both during and after your lifetime. We have more than 30 years of experience in developing estate plans that comprehensively address all issues related to your ongoing health care, management of finances and distribution of assets upon your death.

The Different Types Of Powers Of Attorney

There are two kinds of durable powers of attorney under Massachusetts law:

  • Present durable powers of attorney, which transfers the outlined decision-making powers immediately
  • Springing durable powers of attorney, which transfers decision-making powers in the event of future incapacitation

Without a validly drafted power of attorney, it is necessary for your loved ones to see in probate court to take care of these matters. Not only is this process time-consuming and costly – in some cases, but the court may also ultimately appoint a stranger to make these personal decisions on your behalf. Issuing a power of attorney allows you to assert control over your future circumstances. Our lawyer can also assist with issuing a health care power of attorney, which grants decision-making power over medical and long-term care decisions in conjunction with a living will.

Make Sure You Are Properly Prepared

Powers of attorney ensure that your loved ones know your wishes regarding finances and health care decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself. We welcome the opportunity to explain more about powers of attorney and answer your questions about estate planning during a consultation. Call 617-485-0193 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.