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Elder Law Advice

There is some elder law advice that has gone viral in the elder law community. Two people forwarded it to me, my favorite reverse mortgage go to person: Stephen Pepe; and a go to Real Estate Guru, Peter T. Clark. Here’s what to think about in a worst-case scenario. If...

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Not Exactly a Scam, or is it?

My sister always says,  “Don’t trust anyone!”  What you can trust is that someone will try to take advantage of you in every context, or pray upon your need and a lack of knowledge. Just today a client called from a bank to say that she “Needs a federal tax ID number,...

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Charitable Giving

As a student, I spent 6 weeks living in a Paris home in an immersion experience to learn French. There were several other students there too. One of them was a young woman from Iran who was related to the former Shah of Iran. I always wondered what happened to her...

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