Lannik Law Challenge: Where Would You Like to be in Six Months?

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January is the perfect month for planning out your year. What do you want to accomplish in 2023? What are your goals?

Something I love to do at the start of a new year is write my future self a letter – it’s like a time capsule!

he first time I did this, I sealed the letter and gave it to a friend, with a stamp, so they could mail it to me in six months. When it arrived at my home, I had almost forgotten that I even wrote it in the first place! But it was a wonderful opportunity to review what my intentions were just six months prior.

I like to use a six-month marker because it’s a shorter time frame than an entire year. It gives me the chance to review what I’ve accomplished, what I still want to do, and what changes I want to make in the remainder of the year.

For me, this challenge is a fun way to keep myself accountable and dream up possibilities for the year ahead! Perhaps you want to travel to an exotic location, intentionally spend more time with family and friends, or even get your ducks in a row and complete your estate planning!

Are you ready to take the Lannik Law Challenge?

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can have a few moments alone to write.
  • Grab a piece of paper and your favorite pen, play your favorite songs, and pour yourself your favorite tea.
  • Start writing about the year you envision yourself having. What do you want to do, what do you need to do, where do you want to go, who do you want to visit, etc. Write it all down!
  • When you’re done, seal the envelope. Whether or not you hand it off to a friend to mail back to you in six months, I highly recommend sealing the envelope so you aren’t tempted to peek early!

It’s as easy as that!

And if one of your commitments to your future self this year was to speak with an estate planning attorney, we are here to help. Experienced attorney, Susana Lannik, of Lannik Law, LLC, is happy to speak with you about your unique situation and advise you on the options that are best for you. Happy New Year, we look forward to working with you in 2023!