Your Dream Trip Abroad: Travelling with Covid. Here’s how involved it is!

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Many of my clients are adventuresome and had foiled travel plans because of the Pandemic. Many remain afraid to travel and contract Covid.  It is not a shame to be afraid, or to postpone travel if you are not comfortable. But for others like myself—we are chomping at the bit to resume travel.

So, for the intrepid traveler, here are eight (8) tips for travel gleaned from personal experience and good friends.

  1. Prepare for every eventuality.  This includes PCR test requirements that mandate you arrive in a country with a PCR test, in hand that is not older than 72 hours, evidence of Vaccination, and patience if you are to be pulled aside and examined in any way.
  2. Discuss precautions with your physician. These could include obtaining necessary oral medications to bring with you to treat Covid.
  3. Carry a month’s worth of the regular medications you might need. Even if you are only going for 2 weeks.
  4. Bring N-95 masks, and WEAR them —over nose and mouth. Change them as often as you can. Wash and sanitize your hands a lot; don’t touch your face. The regular surgical masks worn by most people are not fully protective.
  5. Take out any kind of travel insurance you can. You hope you may never need it, but if you do, it will be there. I was able to get insurance that will enable me to cancel my upcoming trip for any reason.  Please note that insurance like Medjet—which is set up to fly you home—ultimately, may in fact give you less than you think. In order to invoke Medjet, you need to be hospitalized in the country where you are, and then transported back to the US ONLY if there is a hospital SOMEWHERE with a DOCTOR that has admitting privileges at that hospital. I purchased MedJet anyway.
  6. In the event of a positive COVID test;  I present you with what Rwanda says. It is one of the most stringent, I think. “The asymptomatic traveler will be subjected to mandatory quarantine at their own cost, at any of the designated hotels, following the below procedure:
    – A control test will be conducted on Day 5 from when they tested positive, at their own cost
    – In the event of a negative test, proceed with their Rwanda Safari
    – In the event of a positive test, another test will be conducted on Day 7 and Day 10, at their own cost.
    The symptomatic traveler will be transported to a medical facility for medical attention, at their own cost.”

It’s awful, but they are actually trying to protect their population and their rare Silverback Gorillas from contracting Covid.

  1. It is likely that there is no country that wouldn’t do something similar.
  2. In case the worst happens, please be sure to have your estate planning documents in order before you leave. Your family will be grateful for this consideration, and it should give you peace of mind that absolutely nothing will happen!
  3. Prior to the Pandemic, I took a trip to Kenya, Africa. It was a trip of a lifetime and much to my surprise, I didn’t want to leave. This meant that I had to go back. So, I planned a trip that was ultimately postponed due to the Pandemic. Finally, things began to open up, and we decided to proceed on the trip of a lifetime. Rwanda to visit the famous Silverback Gorillas; followed by Kenya—a photo safari, and a visit to Giraffe Manor to say hello to ‘my’ Giraffes. Am I fearful—yes, but unless the Pandemic explodes again, I plan to go.

Safe Travels!

Don’t forget to have your estate planning documents in order prior to travel.