Elder Law or Elder Care Law is generally defined as law that addresses seniors’ long-term care needs in any setting. Since anyone can suffer from a disability, at any age, the term “elder” law does not indicate that many elder law attorneys work for younger clients who suffer from disabilities as well as those who are simply aging. As such, the areas of law that an elder law attorney must know cover a broad range. The elder law practitioner is often challenged by the fact that different laws sometimes conflict with each other and a choice must be made between them. For example, gifts to children are common in estate planning, but do not work in long-term care planning if a senior’s long-term care plan requires the assistance of Medicaid.



We all know our senior population is growing and more and more people are living long enough to face the issue of needing help as they age. The good news is that there are many more care options out there today than when this practice began. But most of us do not always recognize that moment when we can no longer care for ourselves or live alone without some sort of care assistance.

Susana Lannik’s extensive background in long-term care planning and practical life experience are an advantage in helping seniors and their families plan effectively at these times.

It is important to know that nursing home care is no longer the only option for aging seniors. At Lannik Law we carefully examine every client’s particular situation to determine all of the available options and suggest the best action plan for everyone involved in a senior’s care. Often the best option is in-home care where a senior can retain the life style he or she is accustomed to.

However if a senior’s current situation necessitates a move to an assisted living facility, we work with families to make these arrangements. Similarly if a senior’s physical, emotional or psychological needs require a move to a nursing home, we will guide you to locate the home that best provides for your loved ones needs.



Take steps now to protect your interests. You are working hard to build your life, and we will work hard to ensure that your legacy remains intact.

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